EMP Tek Products

The discontinued EMP Tek products listed below have been linked to their support pages and are no longer available for order. If you can not find the information needed please contact EMP Tek support at 801-991-1308 or by email: support@emptek.com.

EF50 Bookshelf Speakers EF50T Tower Speakers EF50C Center Speaker
ECA-4 Compact Speakers ECA-44 Center Speaker E-41B Bookshelf Speakers
EF30 Bookshelf Speakers EF30T Tower Speakers EF30C Center Speaker
IBB Interchangeable Faceplates IBC Interchangeable Faceplates IBT Interchangeable Faceplates
E10s Subwoofer (100W) E5Ti Tower Speakers E-41B Bookshelf Speakers
QT605 In-ceiling Speaker ES1010i Subwoofer AC510 In-ceiling Speaker
VT402 Tube Amplifier E41 Bookshelf Speakers EW Series On-Wall Speakers
ES10i Subwoofer Outrigger Feet R5Ci Center Channel Speaker
R55Wi Surround Speaker