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  • "Customer service great, packaging was amazing, nothing was damaged even though FedEx put a large hole in the box for the center channel. Now the speakers are downright amazing! I would put these up against any Definitive or Martin Logan towers. Thanks"– – Robert H.
  • "OK - excuse my language but all I can say is HOLY CRAP! I bought my E55Ti towers and my ES1010i sub about 80 hours playtime ago and WOW, THEY JUST WOKE WAY UP - Came out of their cocoon , which might I add was already pretty awesome but they have turned into a pair of beautiful and breathtakingly detailed butterflies. I have been sitting here all night in complete awe. The detail and imaging are nothing short of a 3k set of speakers. I will admit, they do, to me, need the help of my sub for my taste and lucky for me the ES1010i fit the bill flawlessly. OK, whew, I just had to get that out of my system lol. Thank you EMP and thank you Brian Tracy for being so awesome. PS BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER."– – Jay M.
  • "Thanks so much for shipping my speakers so quickly. I was able to enjoy my new speakers all weekend. The E55Ti’s sound AMAZING and look pretty darn good as well. I truly am hearing music on a new level. I’m probably going to get a pair of the black E55Wi surround speakers once they become available. Could you possibly put me on a list for some of those in "b-stock"? Thank you for your quality service and product!"– – Craig F.
  • "The E55Ti’s I received earlier this week are definite keepers. About 75 hours on them now and they're starting to develop some real "air" about them in addition to "disappearing." They're very concise, clear and transparent with no "in your face" character. All marks of a good speaker in my book. Do wish they were slightly shorter. They look a little out of proportion in my 16 X 19 X 8 zone 2 area but no big deal. The sound quality ranks right up there with the Martin Logan EM ESl’s I pitted them against. The E55ti’s are great speakers and a excellent value. Thanks again. Regards,"– – Rick P.
  • "I was very pleasantly surprised when I got home from work yesterday to see a replacement speaker ready and waiting for me. I wasn't sure if you would wait to send it until receiving the returned speaker (which is with FedEx today), and I can't tell you how happy I am I didn't have to wait! Even better is how the speakers sound now that I have the pair working. very happy so far and can't wait for the fine-tuning efforts I hope to find the time for and the speaker break-in period. Thank you so very much for your excellent handling of this situation. It is unusual and speaks very well of you and your company. You have a customer for life who will tell anyone who will listen of the great products and even better customer support provided by EMP Tek!" "Well done! "Cheers,"– – Brian
  • "I wanted to take a minute to commend all of you for exceptional customer service. I was initially disappointed that I had to switch to the black finish, but your willingness to pull the order together and expedite the shipping – largely at your cost – completely amazed me. It is rare to find such outstanding customer service and I hope you can continue to focus on customer satisfaction as your company grows. If the quality of the speakers match the quality of your customer service, there is no doubt that I will turn first to EMP for my future speaker needs." Thanks again," – – B. Spiraling
  • "That’s great! Customer service from you has been amazing. I really appreciate the fast communication and help you've given me let alone the great speakers I’ve got. I’ve had a lot of compliments on the looks and sound of my speakers since I purchased them. You guys are awesome and i've been recommending your EMP/RBH speakers to my friends. Thanks again." – – Joshua S.
  • "So my conclusion is that the EMP Impressions are keepers for my mid fi system and something I would recommend without any reservation to someone looking for a pair of entry level speakers. These are priced like entry level speakers but they have the look and sound of speakers a level up the food chain. They are worth every nickel of the purchase price. " – – fmw
  • "I received the speakers and had an extended listening session last night. Paired with a Polk sub, all I can say is that the sound is phenomenal! The imaging is outstanding, as is the transparency. More than that, I could hear "textures" in the sound that even my old speakers (Linnaeums with ribbon tweeters) did not bring out. This is the best $200 I have ever spent on audio. You guys have an amazing product. I'll be back to buy more." – – Brian

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