6N3P Replacement
Vacuum Tube
6N3P Replacement Vacuum Tube
(Compare at $15.00 each MSRP)

$9.00 EACH

This 6N3P vacuum tube is a replacement part for the EMP Tek VT-40.2 Integrated Tube Hybrid Amplifier.
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• Type: 6N3P Replacement Vacuum Tube
• Weight: .3 oz. (8.5 Grams)
by Gene DellaSala – November 13, 2009
EMP VT-40.2 Tube Amplifier & E41-B Speaker System Review
The EMP VT-40.2 hybrid tube amplifier and E41-B Beryllium cone speaker system was truly a delight to review. Its ability to transform your PC desktop into a high end audiophile rig on a shoestring budget is without peer. The E41-B speakers alone are worth the full price of admission of this system. The EMP sound continually seduces me to work longer at my desktop PC which is good for Audioholics but not so good when I am late to dinner. With my love of food equaling that of audio, that speaks volumes for just how good this system is. Considering their very liberal return policy, FREE 30 day home trial program and FREE shipping I can’t say anything else other than "hearty appetite" as this is the meal your PC has been waiting for you to feed it. Once you dine on this system, you won’t settle for fast food or crappy mediocre sound again. <To read the full review click here...

by Steve Guttenberg – October 1, 2009
High-end sound system, for half the price
Take a gander at EMP Tek's nifty Limited Edition System To read the full review click here...

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