MP TEK E3 Series Home Theater Package Build Product

Cinema Compact Home Theater Package Build (Selecting Color)
The Cinema compact home theater systems deliver performance equivalent to larger home theater systems, yet also meets your budget and space needs. Packages contain the E3b compact bookshelf speakers, an E3c compact center channel speaker, and an E10s subwoofer with a built-in 150 Watt RMS power amplifier are packaged together to provide stunning home theater performance, regardless of this system’s smaller size.

Technology borrowed from our larger award-winning speaker systems has been incorporated into the Cinema systems. The poly graphite woofers have a special aluminized coating exclusive to EMP that adds strength to and stiffens the woofer cone to prevent flexing under higher demands. This unique woofer cone treatment paired with the outstanding performance of the nano-silk tweeters help the Cinema compact theater systems faithfully reproduce movie soundtracks and music, making it sound like the performance is actually taking place in your home theater! To add depth and realism to your home theater experience, the Cinema systems include a powerful, aluminum cone subwoofer that is musical and refined, but with enough authority that explosions and lower frequency effects are brought to life, blurring the lines between reality and the on-screen action. You’re guaranteed to get more performance and value from this system than any other compact theater system on the market at this price and beyond!

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NOTE: When choosing "WHITE" only the speakers are in white the subwoofer comes in black only.