EMP Extended Warranty

Engineered Music Products "EMP Tek" warrants all EMP Tek speakers and subwoofers (the "Product") are covered by a limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 5 (five) years on the woofer and cabinet, and 1 (one) year on the amplifier from the original date of purchase from an authorized EMP Tek dealer or this web site. This warranty extends only to the original consumer purchaser. EMP Tek does not warrant goods used in industrial applications. This warranty does not cover any expenses incurred in any removal or re-installation of the product.

An extended warranty may be purchased for $29.95 when purchasing EMP Tek products or any time during the initial warranty period. If a product, or any part of the product (such as an amplifier in a two-year-old subwoofer) is out of warranty, the extended warranty does not apply. The proof of extended warranty will be the original purchase receipt and the receipt from the purchase of the extended warranty. It is important to save all receipts during and after the warranty period. The same limitations apply to the extended warranty as were applied to the initial limited warranty.

The extended warranty will double the warranty on your EMP Tek product and costs only $29.95 per product purchased. Here is how the extended warranty works, for example you buy:

R55Ti 1 Pair 5 Years on both speakers FREE 10 Years on both speakers $29.95
R56Ci 1 Speaker 5 Years on speaker FREE 10 Years on speaker $29.95
I-12 1 Subwoofer 5 Years Woofer and Cabinet/1 Year on Amplifier FREE 10 Years Woofer and Cabinet/2 Years on Amplifier $29.95
I-12 2 Subwoofers 5 Years Woofer and Cabinet/1 Year on Amplifier FREE 10 Years Woofer and Cabinet/2 Years on Amplifier $59.90

Keep all your original receipts in a safe place as you will need these receipts for warranty purposes. Remember to change the quantity of the Extended Warranty purchased when ordering multiple products.

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