EMP Tek Bookshelf Speakers


E3b Mini-bookshelf Speakers
The E3b compact bookshelf speakers feature an innovative design that delivers big, spacious sound regardless of their very small size. These aren’t your typical Home-Theater-In-a-Box (HTIB) speakers. A true 2-way design, the E3b’s 3-inch aluminized polygraphite woofer and 3/4-inch nano-silk dome tweeter work together to deliver nearly full-range performance due to trickle down technology from our larger, award-winning speaker designs. The E3b’s design allows for higher power handling than competing designs, giving you the ability to crank up the volume and really enjoy your favorite movies and music.
$125.00 Pair

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(Formerly E5Bi Bookshelf Speakers)
R5Bi Bookshelf Speakers
The R5Bi Bookshelf speakers offers a great degree of flexibility and will add elegance into any home theater.
Available in high gloss red burl or black ash.
$225.00 Pair

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